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Album cover design

If you’re reading this English version of my website, the chances are you’re here because you saw its address on a vinyl record or a book, or followed a link from another website.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to design and help with the print production of an enormous amount of vinyl records and CDs. In fact, I still do.

However, I’m not currently actively looking for album cover design projects. Not because I don’t enjoy them – on the contrary. It’s more that there’s no public market for this. Bands and musicians often create their own album cover designs, or have their partner or friends do so.

There’s also generally not much money in it.

I’ve included this page in the English version of my website more as a courtesy to those of you who came here looking for it.

But never say never. If, despite all that, you have an amazing album cover design or layout project you think I’d be just the right person for, you’re welcome to contact me with serious enquiries.

On the basis of what I’ve written above, it makes no sense to show work I created 10, 15 or 20 or more years ago. Even though that’s precisely what I’ve done, faded out in the background to this section.

Here are a few more recent projects.

Brontez Purnell: Confirmed Bachelor LP

Brontez Purnell: Confirmed Bachelor – album cover design by Paul Jackson

Design of front/back album cover, labels and lyric insert for the album Confirmed Bachelor by Brontez Purnell, released September 2023.

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Berlie W Doherty: Rose Doran Dreams ebook

Cover of Berlie W Doherty: Rose Doran Dreams ebook, designed by Paul Jackson

Cover design and ebook creation for Rose Doran Dreams, a new 2022 edition of one of British author Berlie Doherty’s early novels for adults, The Vinegar Jar.

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303 Alliance: logo, vinyl records, digital releases

303 Alliance logo plus selection of releases, designed by Paul Jackson

Logo design and graphic design (vinyl records and digital releases) for 303 Alliance and related labels, run by British (acid) techno DJ/producer Benji303.

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