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About Benji303

303 Alliance logo plus selection of releases, designed by Paul Jackson

I met Benji303 on the Sheffield party scene in the early 2010s, although at that point he hadn’t yet had any of his music released.

Presumably he was feverishly producing plenty of it, though, as his first signed track appeared in 2013, with an initial trickle following on various other labels.

Not long afterwards, I emigrated from the UK to Germany, which made participation in the Sheffield party scene more difficult.

And before I knew it, he’d become part of the vanguard of a new generation of (acid) techno DJs/producers, playing at parties and clubs across the UK. (And later, occasionally on mainland Europe, although Covid and Brexit would largely put a stop to that. Fuck Brexit!)

About 303 Alliance

At around this same time, he set up his 303 Alliance label, as an outlet for his own music, but with many of the tracks on it being collaborations with like-minded individuals.

After releasing two 12" EPs, he asked me if I’d be up for designing a 303 Alliance logo and also the subsequent releases (vinyl/digital).

Since then, 303 Alliance has birthed a plethora of sub-labels – some vinyl and digital; some purely digital – with releases popping up like mushrooms out of the damp forest floor.

Benji’s music also continues to appear on other labels. Over the last ten years or so, he’s had hundreds of tracks see the light of day, as he makes tunes with the kind of regularity that other people break wind.

Benji303/303 Alliance: SoundcloudBandcamp

Sonic Iration

Sonic Iration logo plus selection of releases, designed by Paul Jackson

I also designed the logo and record labels for Sonic Iration, a label for dub and reggae-infused acid techno, founded by Benji303 and Jah Scoop aka The Geezer aka Guy McAffer, techno producer and keyboard player in early 1990s crossover crusties Back to the Planet.

I didn’t know in advance about the fancy textured sleeves, though, so that was a nice surprise when I received my copy of the first release.

Sonic Iration: Soundcloud