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Web design by Paul Jackson: Award-winning author Berlie Doherty

Award-winning, bestselling author Berlie Doherty has had an enormous number of books published since her first appeared in 1982.

How many? It’s hard to say, as it depends how you count the various reissues and collections that have appeared over the years. But ‘over 60’ is a good starting point.

Her books have been translated into over 20 languages, she has twice won the prestigious Carnegie award and has also won or been shortlisted for many others.

Although she has written for adults, the vast majority of her books are for children and young people, with a number of them being firm fixtures of classwork in schools in the UK and beyond.

She has also written many short stories and poems, plus numerous plays, which have been performed on stage, on radio and on TV.

It is therefore no surprise that Berlie’s website reaches a very international audience, receiving visitors from all over the world.

Berlie’s website

Berlie’s current website, which I planned, designed and created, originated in winter 2020–2021. At the time of writing these words, this was two and a half years ago, which in internet terms is almost like something from the Cretaceous period.

Therefore, if embarking on this project today, there are certain things I’d do differently.

Not only as a result of the additional knowledge and experience I’ve acquired since then, but also because of changing practices and how Berlie’s website has evolved since it has been online.

(No matter how carefully a website is planned, if it is regularly updated, special cases and exceptions to the rule always seem to crop up in particular situations, requiring some kind of special treatment!)

Nonetheless, I’m still happy enough with it to proudly present it to you here.