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“I help record labels and other creative people realise their music, book and website projects.”

Album cover design | Book design/ebook design | Web design

I’m Paul Jackson, a British graphic designer and web designer in Essen, Germany.

“I help record labels and other creative people realise their music, book and website projects.”

Web design | “I help creative digital immigrants create an accomplished online presence.”

Web design: example of work (darkened)

You’re a musician, author or other creative person, and would like a more professional web presence, in order to increase your reach, people’s awareness of you, and as a result, hopefully also your sales?

You’re tone deaf, paint like a monkey or write like a 5-year-old? Don’t panic: that’s probably also OK, provided that we also get on.

But the topic of web design – and everything related to it – perhaps seems a daunting prospect, especially for people who didn’t grow up with the internet.

I created my first customer website in the last century, or 1999 to be precise.

So in the meantime, I’m used to designing websites and doing all the related stuff. This includes researching keywords, analysing data and planning and realising projects – and usually also overcoming a logistical challenge or two.

So if you need help getting your website project up and running, I can help.

Book design/ebook design | “I help authors fulfil their dream of publishing their own book.”

Book design/ebook design: typesetting example

You’re ready to self-publish your (perhaps first-ever) book, but don’t have the skills to design an appealing cover, create an ebook or prepare print-ready files?

The days when you could publish a book with a homemade cover are over. Hooray!

Not only do I create for you a self-published book that doesn’t look like a self-published book, but I also assist you throughout the process of realising your special project.

Album cover design | “I help bands and musicians fulfil their dream of releasing their own album.”

Or more accurately:

“I helped bands and musicians fulfil their dream of releasing their own album.”

Thanks to digitalisation, the demand for album cover design today is as great as the demand for naked pictures of me. And the budgets for it are also accordingly small.

But all is not lost.

“I spare labels’ nerves at the print production stage.”

Even today, a number of labels benefit from my diligence and expertise:

  • Help with artwork layouts, and as a result, print files that print without problems
  • Inspection and correction of artwork that artists/bands created themselves. The result? Also print files that print without problems
  • Artwork for vinyl editions created from artwork for existing CDs, or vice versa. And similarly, artwork for European editions created from artwork for North American releases, or vice versa
  • Artwork creation for reissues
Album cover design: stylished image of a vinyl record

And if all that wasn’t enough: as an incorrigible, long-term ‘Jackson of all trades’, I have also been offering German to English translations since 2004. Mainly in the fields of marketing and technology/industry, but yes, in the music industry too. In fact, for eight years, from 2013 to 2020, I chiefly earned my living from this. But the translation industry is undergoing change/dying on its feet – at least as far as quality goes. This is why I’m ‘going back to the roots’ here. (My website for German to English translations – in German.)

Photo of me (with lockdown paunch, since worked off!): Monika Wieszczeczyńska

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