What’s happening?

If you’ve landed here and are reading this, the chances are that you saw this website address on a vinyl record or a book, or followed a link from another website.

Over the years, I’ve designed and helped with the production of an enormous amount of records, CDs, websites and occasionally books and ebooks. However, this has mostly been for people and companies I already know, plus others who find out about me on the basis of recommendations.

Actually marketing this sort of thing to the general internet-surfing public has proven to be like nailing jelly to the ceiling. With a plastic toy hammer. In the dark. While drunk.

Therefore, after a period of ‘activity for activity’s sake’, I’ve decided to stop actively maintaining a website at this address. (I wish I’d known that when I bought the comparatively expensive domain name, as pleased with myself as a Tory MP who’s just done something to make life difficult for poorer people.)

Instead, I’m now doubling down with new, laser-like focus on the area where complete strangers on the internet actually do pay me to do things: English translations of German website texts, marketing materials and other documents. I’ve got a website for it, here (in German).


If, despite all that, you have an amazing project you think I’d be just the right person for, you can contact me at paul@pauljackson.de.