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“I help authors fulfil their dream of publishing their own book.”

Book design: I produce for you a self-published book that doesn’t look like a self-published book

You’re about to self-publish your (possibly very first) book, but you don’t have the skills to design a suitable and appealing cover, to produce an ebook or to create the necessary print files?

The days when you could self-publish a book with a homemade cover are (luckily!) over.

Proper typesetting is also a requirement, not that you’d know it by looking at many self-published books. Many of them look amateurish, which is probably because they’re just printed Word® files. Ugh!

And then there’s the technical stuff, the choice of the relevant software and how on earth you should produce your ebook or printed book.

  • Ebook (EPUB or Amazon)
  • Paperback
  • Hardback

  • Amazon KDP
  • Other print on demand
  • Fixed runs (careful!)

“You should never judge a book by its cover” – nonsense!

Lots of great books by talented authors are self-published. But also loads of sh… erm, lower-quality books too, precisely because pretty much anybody can spit the contents of their brain out onto paper and release it as a book (and many seemingly have).

Contrary to the cliche in the subheading above, it’s therefore extremely important that your book makes as good an impression as possible, with a cover design that isn’t just inviting, but which also fits the topic of your book.

Only with an accomplished cover design does your work have the possibility of standing out from the crowd, in order to have a chance in this fiercely competitve market.

I help you with your entire book project

Especially for beginners, realising a book design project literally can seem like a closed book, regardless whether you will be publishing an ebook and/or a printed book.

Over the course of the years decades, I have contributed to quite a number of book projects, whether with design, typesetting, image editing or technical help, right up to looking after the entire project – from ebooks to elaborate printed books for aficionados.

I would therefore be pleased to help you get your special project off the ground, design and create your ebook and/or printed book and help you realise your dream of publishing your own book.

If required, I provide you with not only an attractive book cover, appealing book layout and professional typesetting, but also advice and support in relation your entire project.

And how fitting that I love typography and typesetting!

Testimonial: Self-published Author Kay Rose-Hattrick

“By enhancing my initial ideas with his own ideas and design expertise, Paul created something that far exceeded my expectations.”

Kay Rose-Hattrick
Self-published author
Testimonial: Self-published Author Kay Rose-Hattrick

“Paul guided me through the challenging process of self-publishing. He advised me on print options, undertook the final manuscript check, designed and helped me publish both my books. It was a steep learning curve for me, as I had no previous knowledge of what self-publishing entailed. I learned so much from working with Paul, and I would highly recommend him. I will be using his skills again when I publish my new book.”

Kay Rose-Hattrick
Self-published author

You’d like your self-published book to not look like a self-published book?

Take the first step:

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