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“I help helped bands and musicians fulfil their dream of releasing their own album.”

Album cover design: a job in as much demand as that of chandler or buttonmaker

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Perhaps you’re a musician or in a band, and will soon be releasing your (perhaps very first) album? Whether it will be appearing on an established label, or you are releasing it yourself, you’ll need professional album cover design for it.

However, as a musician, you’ll already know loads of creative people among your circle of friends and acquaintances. There’ll be somebody who’s able to conjure something up in exchange for a few quid/euros/dollars, or a crate of beer or something.

The chances of you paying a stranger on the internet a considerable amount of money for it are as good as zero.

Digitalisation has made this service largely unnecessary, killing the demand for it stone dead.

How I’m still involved in album cover design projects ‘behind the scenes’

Nevertheless, I still work as a graphic designer in the music industry, even though the jobs are no longer as regular and the tasks are mostly different to how they used to be.

Instead of being purely design projects, these days it is more a case of:

  • Inspecting artwork produced by other people, correcting it and preparing it for print
  • Converting the artwork for existing CDs for new vinyl editions, and vice versa
  • Converting the artwork for North American releases for European editions, and vice versa
  • Creating artwork for new editions of old releases (reissues), on the basis of material from various sources

I undertake this work for regular customers who, in most cases, I have been working with for many years. But occasionally, new ones find their way to me on the basis of word of mouth.

Album cover design – they were great times, but I more or less give up!

There simply isn’t a public market for album cover design and related tasks.

And because there’s no market for it, it doesn’t make sense for me to actively promote my services in this area. Nobody’s interested.

For this reason, this page doesn’t contain any detailed information about the services and packages I offer, and also no prices.

I’m only really mentioning this in passing, as people sometimes still stumble onto my website on the basis of projects I worked on many, many years ago.

Testimonial: Record Label Owner AI

“Paul is diligent, efficient, personable, knowledgeable and unwaveringly reliable. It is immediately obvious that he genuinely cares about his clients and the standard of his work, giving me peace of mind knowing that our beloved artwork is in good hands every time!”

Testimonial: DJ/producer Benji303

“I have worked with Paul for over four years now, he has designed all the artwork for my record labels and events since 2016, when I first started my record label in 2014 the first two releases were designed by someone else and the artwork looked amateur and I wasn’t truly satisfied with the results but I have always been really pleased with the artwork Paul has designed for my projects, he has also always been extremely reliable over the years and never let me down, he has always met all the deadlines which have been set and turned the ideas I have had in mind for the artwork into a extremely high quality professional looking finished product.”

303 Alliance

Still fancy an album cover design from me?

If you run a label, are reading this page, and, despite everything I’ve written here, are still interested in us working together:

Photo of me (with lockdown paunch, since worked off!): Monika Wieszczeczyńska

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