“I help bands and musicians fulfil their dream of releasing their own album.”

Or more precisely:

“I helped bands and musicians fulfil their dream of releasing their own album.”

Why in the past tense?

The market for album cover design is dead…

And who killed it? Digitalisation.

Insofar as album cover designer was ever a ‘job’, the demand for it today is as great as that for candlemakers or button makers.

The chances of you paying some bloke off the internet a considerable amount of money for it are as good as zero.

If you’re a musician who needs an album cover design, you’ll already know loads of creative people among your circle of friends and acquaintances. There’ll be somebody who’s able to conjure something up in exchange for a few quid/euros/dollars, or a crate of beer or something. There just isn’t a public market for album cover design and related services.

Despite that, still fancy an album cover design from me?

That’s theoretically possible.

If, despite all the changes in the music industry, and everything I’ve written on this page, you’re still interested in an appealing album cover design from me:

Vinyl records and CDs are still being released – but how?

Vinyl records (and to a lesser extent CDs) are still being released. But the sales figures are generally lower than before. Therefore, the budgets for them are often tinier than my admiration for the current British government.

In many cases, the artwork for the releases isn’t created by designers, but rather by the musicians and bands themselves.

They often don’t have the relevant technical knowledge.

Print problems at the production stage are therefore pretty much pre-programmed.

Problems that I solve for labels.

“I spare labels’ nerves at the production stage.”

Lead times in the music industry are getting ever longer. If you run a label that releases music in physical formats, you’ll know this already. You have to plan and schedule your releases precisely, and many months in advance.

So how annoying is it when you receive cryptic messages from the pressing plant?

Especially if you neither understand them nor know how to fix them.

“The bleed is missing.”

“The inks are oversaturated.”

“The colours are outside the printable gamut.”


Your album artwork check

more than 700 vinyl records and CDs sent to press.

Way back, decades ago, some of the labels I worked with noticed I supplied the print files for their releases so they were set up correctly. For me, that was (and is) a blindingly self-evident requirement, but for others, that was seemingly not the case.

This came as a real relief for these labels. They had simply got used to the idea that print production would always be bound up with stress and hassle.

Gradually, purely by word of mouth, I ended up working with ever more labels and artists.

And although the music industry has changed massively over the last 20 years or so, I still work with some of these labels today.

Do you run a label? Is this problem all too familiar to you?

Harness my experience now!

Concentrate on more important tasks while I take care of the print files for your releases!

Artwork check – your benefits at a glance

  • You spare your nerves
  • You can be sure that the artwork files for your releases print properly – no nasty surprises when you open the boxes delivered
  • Minimise delays at the print production stage – the schedules are already tight enough!
  • You win time you can dedicate to more important tasks
  • Central contact person – you waste less time having to chase up various (hobbyist) designers
  • Draw upon my many years’ experience in the fields of album cover design and print files in the music industry
  • Benefit from my thorough way of working – I notice not only design and print-related problems, but also typos and spelling mistakes, inconsistencies, ugly ‘typewriter’ quotation marks and lots more!

Label owners also receive the following from me:

  • Artwork for new vinyl editions created from artwork for existing CDs – and vice versa
  • Artwork for European editions created from artwork for North American releases – and vice versa
  • Artwork for new editions of your older releases (reissues), created with lots of attention to detail

Artwork check – your outlay

from €97

* All prices are net prices, and are therefore subject to the statutory VAT.

You run a label, and want to prevent your production being delayed by incorrectly prepared artwork files?

I inspect your files, plus manufacturer templates, point out any problems, and if applicable, give you tips and advice on how you can achieve better print results.

(Why “from” €97? Music packaging isn’t created equal. Are you releasing a standard vinyl record with sleeve, insert and labels, or a 6LP box with a luxurious 48-page booklet? The price above covers most usual typical configurations. Precise pricing information upon request.)

And if the relevant person isn’t able to implement the corrections or tips themselves, I would be pleased to do that for you, too (extra charge – upon request).

* All prices are net prices, and are therefore subject to the statutory VAT.

Music labels – secure your artwork check

You’re fed up of your releases being delayed at the print production stage, because the bands or their friends didn’t prepare the artwork files correctly?

And you’re fed up of having to track down the person responsible and hassle them?

As well as being annoyed that they’re often not in a position to fix the problems themselves? (If they’d known, they presumably wouldn’t have made the errors in the first place.)

I spare labels’ nerves at the production stage.

  • Artwork check: I inspect the print files for your records and CDs – including the manufacturer templates – in order to make you aware of errors, and where applicable, advise you how you could achieve better print results

from €97

Artwork check for your vinyl records and CDs

Also possible:

  • On the basis of your (partially) finished album cover designs and layouts, I can prepare print files which then print without problems
  • I can also help you with artwork for your reissues and foreign editions etc


Because lead times in the music industry are now so long, precise planning and scheduling is more important than ever.

To secure my availability, don’t delay!

All photos of me: Ellen Hempel Fotografie

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