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“I help record labels and other creative people realise their music, book and website projects.”

I’m Paul Jackson, a British graphic designer/web designer in Essen, Germany.

“I help record labels and other creative people realise their music, book and website projects.”

I combine creative and technical skills, along with a good feel for language. (I’ve spent the last eight years mostly earning a living from German to English translation.) On top of this, I’m industrious, have an extremely thorough way of working and an extraordinary eye for detail.

I’m therefore ideally positioned:

  • To create a website for you that not only looks great, but which also works properly and is planned, and the structure decided, on the basis of the right foundations. Even the most stunning, well-written website won’t bring the results you need if it can’t be found (which I can thoroughly confirm from my own earlier experience).
  • To create a self-published book for you that doesn’t look like a self-published book. This means not only creating an appealing cover that fits the subject matter, but also deploying the appropriate typography and proper typesetting. And I create ebooks with lots of care and attention: simply clicking ‘Export as EPUB’ isn’t enough for me!
  • To create attractive artwork and suitable layouts for your music packaging, whether for vinyl or CD. Thanks to many years’ experience and a background in print design, the resulting press-ready files print perfectly. This saves you annoyance, cryptic messages from the pressing plant and also the resulting delays in production.

For the last two years, I’ve been thoroughly immersed in the topics of websites and web design again, along with related topics such as marketing and business. For this reason (among others), this website mainly focuses on that.

When it comes to web design and websites, I may be the person for you if:

  • You’re a musician, author or other creative person, and need an appealing, properly functioning website in order to inform and attract fans, readers or prospective customers.
  • It’s already clear to you that ‘having a website made’ is only half the job. It doesn’t matter how shiny your website may look, and how well the content flows: if the right strategy and resulting planning is neglected, it is unlikely to bring you results.
  • You’re prepared to learn new things and then apply them, in order to get the best from your new website
Award-winning Author Berlie Doherty

It has been a pleasure to work with Paul in setting up my website. His patient advice and instruction have helped me to write about my work in a new way, based on his analysis of what my readers are actually searching for, and hopefully to attract new readers too.

Berlie Doherty
Award-winning author
Award-winning Author Berlie Doherty

Paul’s attractive and thoughtful design ideas have created a colourful, modern and visitor-friendly website that I’m really proud of.

Berlie Doherty
Award-winning author

As seen in:

Various online and printed magazines – none of which have been in existence for a long time now – in the UK, Germany and other countries. This was all in the noughties.

I have also worked with a whole range of often original, innovative and influential musicians, bands and labels, some of whom may well be known to you. (Others definitely won’t be!)

Ready to get your project started?

You’re a musician, author or some other kind of creative person? Is it time to set the ball rolling for your special project?

  • A visually appealing, well-thought-out website, in order to increase your reach and people’s awareness of you – and hopefully as a result, your sales?
  • A self-published book/ebook that doesn’t look like a self-published book/ebook?
  • Or perhaps attractive packaging for your music release, or the releases on your label?

Take the first step:

Graphic designer/web designer Paul Jackson

Even as a child, I was fascinated by words, reading and writing. An enthusiasm for typography and graphic design following later, especially in relation to record sleeves and books. So it’s probably no surprise that I’ve been working with all these elements since the 1990s. Sometimes individually, sometimes in various combinations, and even occasionally all together.

And for the greater part of this time as a self-employed service provider. Even as a young man, it was clear to me that life as an employee would be pure torture.

Over the course of the years, as the internet became established in everyday life, I broadened my skills. In 1999 I created my first customer website. And a first ebook project came a decade or so later.

As a versatile person with talents in different areas, I’m delighted that I’ve been able to live from my skills for many, many years, even if the focus has sometimes changed. Sometimes deliberately so; sometimes as a result of external factors. Not a problem: only being able/allowed to perform one job would drive me crazy, and would also have been extremely boring and frustrating. A bit of variety, along with independence and self-determination, are extremely important to me.

After something of a professional detour, in which I primarily earned a living from German to English translations in the fields of technology/industry, marketing and music, I’m now going back to the roots. I’m therefore once again presenting myself to the world as a graphic designer/web designer, so that you can benefit from my refreshed, expanded and consolidated expertise in these areas.

Important characteristics at a glance

  • Creative enough to be able to design attractive websites, books/ebooks and music packaging for you…
  • …But also sufficiently technically minded to ensure your website or ebook works properly, and that the print files for your book, vinyl or CD also print without problems
  • A flair for language
  • Industrious, focused way of working
  • Dependability and ability to meet deadlines
  • An extremely good eye for detail – I can detect a double space or ugly ‘typewriter’ quote marks from 50 metres!
  • The ability to realise well-thought-out projects
  • Years/decades of experience in various areas


Let’s get going!

Our working relationship – worth knowing

What communication channels do I offer?

If you’d like to engage me, for larger projects, where a degree of explanation is required, the first step after establishing contact would probably be a Zoom call.

Otherwise, I prefer to communicate via email.

I’m not available by telephone. Why’s that? I prefer to work in a focused manner, with as few interruptions as possible. And apart from that, I don’t really enjoy speaking on the phone. Nor do I take part in ‘real life’ meetings on site. They would only eat into the time that I can otherwise use more productively for working on your (or other customers’) projects.

I’d be working on your projects during my core working hours, which are currently Mondays to Thursdays, 10:00 to 17:00 CET/CEST.

This is how I help record labels and other creative people realise their music, book and website projects.

Take the first step towards your completed project

Photo of me (with lockdown paunch, since worked off!): Monika Wieszczeczyńska

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